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Courageous Women Association is about making an impact on lives from the inside out.

We work on the core or spirit of people in order for them to truly get to know themselves, see their worth, and understand their importance. We speak to the heart from the heart through the sharing of commonalities that people can relate to. We all have a story in life, and the CWA team infuses our own stories into systems we built to create positive change, balance, and hope in the lives of others.

We believe that if we speak to a person's heart, their core, or their essence, we can truly help to create life long changes for the better; changes that can bring healing to a person's health and wellbeing, recovery, and self-sufficiency.

A Day Especially for You" Free Shopping & Pampering Day Program


Housing, living wage employment, and health and well-being are all vital components to living and essential to women, men, and families in poverty who fight and struggle daily to survive; to change their environments, and to grow in their lives. Courageous Women Association has developed a plan that will bring approximately 50 women and men to start, out of poverty and into full self-sufficiency by taking care of their housing and job needs, and providing the resources and supportive services necessary for healthy living and recovery. Each year, we will increase our numbers until everyone has a fighting chance to live in victory and productivity!

Public Help

We need a building to be donated to our nonprofit, in order to carry out our mission that can help build a future to hundreds of people in our impoverished Bay Area communities. If you or someone you know, has surplus properties in the East or North Bay areas, that can be donated or sold to our nonprofit for a major TAX break and other credits and benefits, please call us!

10 Years

For almost 10 years, we have worked in the Bay Area communities giving away life necessities, teaching career development, providing resources and support services, rented space or brought our services direct to shelters and agencies that supported women, men, and children who are victims of homelessness, domestic violence, human trafficking, former incarceration, and addiction.

Pushing Further

We are pushing further in our work to restore and improve the quality of life of impoverished people throughout the Bay Area. You’ve heard the old adage, “Home is where the heart is”? Well if you donate a “home” (building) to CWA, it will become the “heart” and hub for living wage jobs, housing, and resources to those living in our impoverished communities.

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We Humbly and Gratefully Accept MONETARY and IN-KIND Donations.

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We offer enrichment through a wide variety of programs & services that include life coaching, career development, and economic resources designed to educate, bring awareness, and provide the necessary skills, tools, and resources to help shape and improve the quality of life that leads to wellness, recovery, and self-sufficiency. Join our community and let us stay connected.