Courageous Women Association

Sister2Sister Empowerment and Enrichment Alliance

Courageous Women Association's Sister-To-Sister Empowerment and Enrichment Alliance is a support group setting designed to build esteem, foster self-care, and cultivate self-worth & importance in order to help improve abusive and addictive conditions and behaviors. Volunteer Today!

Sister2Sister Support Groups

We provide this service to women, young girls, and/or gender identity/expressive people who are victims and survivors of violence, homelessness, sexual assault, incarceration, human trafficking, and addiction. In addition, we serve family and friends who want to learn more ways on how to better support loved ones impacted by trauma.

CWA provides support through group settings, victor-to-victim pairing, and one-on-one settings to girls and women from 12yr - 50+yrs.

We utilize our "Speak to the Heart from the Heart Model" concept by providing an interactive and personable approach for self-support and team building through story-telling, role play, positive affirmations and empowerment exercises; educating on the importance of self-worth, life choices, image & etiquette, proper communication, life skills in the home/outside environment, meditation, accountability pair-ups, setting goals/milestones, building dream boards, journal writing, support system retreats, shoulder-to-shoulder sessions, and finance management.

We provide all clients with journals, materials for dream boards and goal setting, referrals and connections to outside support service providers who collaborate with CWA on extended services of care for mental health, housing, rehabilitation, and counseling services.

This program is held each Thursday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at MacDonald Avenue Church in Richmond, with holiday breaks throughout the year.

Please drop in, or email us at, to sign up or schedule a 1:1 appointment. We welcome you with open arms.

Judgement free zone, as we all have stories or lived experiences of trauma.

Annual - Especially For You Day October 26, 2019 Volunteer Today!
Encourage - Inspire - Empower

We believe that if we speak to a person's heart, their core, or their essence, we can truly help to create life long changes for the better; changes that can bring healing to a person's health and wellbeing, recovery, and self-sufficiency.

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We are here to encourage, Inspire and Empower people in need. Volunteer Today