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Courage House Grand Opening March 2020

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Courage House opening March 2020!

The Courage House is a two year sober living and new beginnings transitional home program for women and children affected by trauma or impoverishment. Our program is designed to help our residents become fully self-sufficient by providing services for their health and well-being, healing, career development, and economic empowerment. We also partner with other organizations providing additional support services to further assist our residents transition into permanent housing.

Now is the time to apply. Must have a source of income. For eligibility, please fill out our application here by selecting: Engage With Us and choosing "The Courage House". Please note that the eligibility does not guarantee acceptance into our program.

AVON is all aboard in raising money to sponsor a room for our new 4 bedroom sober living and new beginnings Transitional House for women. When you log into this link:, you are shopping so that a portion of proceeds will go towards furnishing the purple room, which is our COURAGEOUS ROOM. Shop now so that your money will go towards the courage of 4 women coming into a new space to begin a new chapter in their lives.

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